Welcome to the Morristown Elks Lodge 1667

Elks Lodges bring so much more to their communities than just a building. They are places where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up.

Elks invest in their communities through programs that help children grow up healthy and drug-free, by undertaking projects that address unmet needs, and by honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

At the Elks Lodge veterans come first and formost, with a dedication to the United States Constitution and the laws that are set forth in our great country, a love for the flag and what it represents.


Message from the Exalted Ruler


Greetings, fellow members. Fall is upon us and what a great time of year!
Late September and October was a fun and eventful time for us Elks. We started
out with the HCSAC Chili Cookoff at September's end where Chef Doug took
trophies in two categories. One was for the winner in the red chili category, and
the other was for People’s Choice first place award! Congrats Doug, we knew
you could do it. Thanks to all the members who came out and supported him.
Check out his trophies in the display case on your next visit. On the day of this
event our kitchen was unmanned until yet another member stepped in to fill out
chef’s big shoes. Thanks, Doug Smith for holding down the fort.
We are also making headway on the lounge makeover. Smiths Painting
Services wrapped up the back hallway paint and it looks great. The new
flooring has been installed and looks very nice as well. Thanks to John and
Janet Hofer, Frank Goodman and Zonna Gilbert for helping with the prep work
that helped to speed the process along.
Hopefully, by the time you read this newsletter, the bar will be completed. Another thanks goes
out to Mrs. Rhonda Sudheimer and Lonnie Sutherland for donating the the new copper facade that
dresses the bar front. Thanks ladies! And thank you, Goody, for helping me with the installation.
Another group of deserving members are Don Jones, Max Williams, Charlie Richards, Ron
McClellan and John Pless for donating the plaque for the patio fireplace. It's on order and will take
another couple weeks before it is finished, thanks guys. The next time you come into the lodge foyer,
check out the new additions. The elk mount that was donated by John Pless and the brass elk candy
bowl donated by Greg Hurst.
Zonna and I made a trip to Jackson Tennessee recently with John and Janet Hofer, Don Jones and
Frank Goodman to mid year convention. It's always pleasant to see Elks from across the state and listen
to the good they are doing in their communities as well as the fun things they come up with to help
raise funds to support their efforts. We may have borrowed one or two of their ideas so keep watching
for them to come to light. Thanks friends for traveling with us, it makes for memorable times.
We hope that everyone enjoyed the new breakfast with a twist. It was fun and we hope to do it
again in the months to come. I hope that all who came out for our TEA Vice President, VP-elect and
Esquire to District Deputy and District Deputy visit enjoyed meeting and listening to thier messages.
It's good to hear their remarks and show our support for these folks.
Wow, if November is this full, I may need two pages! Check out the entertainment calendar for
upcoming events and remember the holiday seasons are upon us. We will be placing the Thanksgiving
donation boxes out soon in the lobby so please help to fill them so that we may pass our good
fortunes along to others in the community.
The hoop shoot went well this year with 24 children participating and 16 of our members and
their families helping out. The six winners in the three age classes now are able to advance to district
competition in Knoxville sometime in December. Thanks to Zonna and all the help that make this
successful each year. Watch for the date and location and try to attend this fun event in Knoxville.
On a more business related note: To all members, please remember the four visit rule for your
guests. We have been blessed with many new members this lodge year and welcome all potential
ones. Your guests are your responsibility so make them welcome and sign them up after their fourth
time visit. It will help them to complete the process of membership. Also if you, as the proposer, will
follow through with them as they go through investigation, indoctrination and initiation. This
commitment from you might help them feel more at ease and help then to complete the process.
I want to welcome our new members Dennis Roach, Christina Raymond- Rehg, Travis Thore,
Lisa Espinoza, Kieth Sandifer and Cory Shaw along with our new transfer Kevin Rokavec. We look
forward to seeing you and your families at the lodge and hope that you may join in and get involved.